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This tutorial includes a description of Dunst and its capabilities, as well as a detailed explanation of the my Dunst screenshot actions, which include OCR, uploading to, deletion, renaming, and movement to/from clipboard.

A demo of most of my dunst screenshot actions

Dunst background

  • Arch Linux and similarly minimal Linux distributions don’t come with a notification daemon
  • Dunst is one of the most popular notification daemons for Arch Linux
  • Dunst installation and configuration instructions here:
  • Dunst actions are essentially commands that are sent with a notification and can be invoked directly through the Dunst context menu.
  • The binding that launches the dunst context menu is in your dunstrc. Mine defaulted to ctrl + shift + .. Your results may vary.

Screenshot actions

I regularly take screenshots, so I came up with a few useful dunst actions for screenshots. They are as follows:

  1. clipboard mode: works with screenshots that were saved to the clipboard
    • Extract text from screenshot using ocr
    • Save screenshot stored in clipboard to an image file
    • Upload screenshot to
  2. file mode: works with screenshots that were saved to a file
    • Delete screenshot
    • Rename screenshot
    • Copy screenshot to clipboard
    • Move screenshot to clipboard (deletes file)
    • Upload screenshot to

An installation guide for my Dunst actions are on my github:

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